Welcome to RCCG,
Everlasting Arms,
Houston Texas

Where Jesus
is Lord and
Everybody is

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From Our Pastors' Desk

Beloved, You are welcome to our place of worship where Jesus is Lord and everybody is somebody.
This is a place where destinies are birthed and lives are restored and the best in you is called up. Here you will meet with the God who makes impossibility possible. You will meet the God of lifting and the God of your salvation. This is a place to be every day.
We want to welcome you on behalf of our church family with our song.
“I love this family of God.
So closely knitted into one.
They have taken me into them
and l am so glad to be a part
of this great family”

Upcoming Services.

Diamond Ladies

The Diamond Ladies is a program for raising godly women. The term, " Diamond Ladies " express what kind of people God wants to raise. Like the diamond, these are ladies who have gone or are going through fire and all kinds of pressure to become women of Fire and Power. They are going to come from all denominations. After being baptized into the Word of God with the fire of the Holy Ghost, they will go back to their churches to become effective.

Sunday Service

Join us for service every Sunday

Current Series

20 Pillars for a Successful Marriage.

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